The Sweet Difference Between UK and North American Treats

The Sweet Difference Between UK and North American Treats

Imagine sitting down with a bag of your favorite treats. As you unwrap a candy bar or pop a sweet in your mouth, you can't help but notice something different about the flavor. It's sweeter, more vibrant, and tantalizingly delicious. You're not just imagining things. You're experiencing the distinct taste of British candy, a taste that often surpasses the sweetness of North American treats.

So, what is it that makes British candy so delightfully sweet? The answer lies in the ingredients and the candy-making traditions that go back centuries.

One of the biggest factors is sugar content. British candies traditionally have a higher sugar content compared to their North American counterparts. This is largely due to different food regulations and taste preferences. UK laws allow for a higher percentage of sugar in their candies, leading to a sweeter, more robust flavor.

Additionally, many British candies are made using traditional recipes that have been handed down through generations. These recipes often include ingredients such as golden syrup and treacle, both of which contribute to a unique, deep sweetness that is hard to find in North American candies.

Another key factor is the type of sugar used. In the UK, candies are typically made with cane sugar, known for its rich sweetness. On the other hand, many North American candy manufacturers use high-fructose corn syrup, which has a different flavor profile and isn't quite as sweet.

Finally, there is the aspect of milk chocolate. British candy often includes milk chocolate, which has a creamier, sweeter taste compared to the darker, more bitter chocolates frequently found in North American treats.

In conclusion, the distinct sweetness of British candy can be attributed to traditional recipes, sugar content, and specific ingredients used. At 'From There to Here', we celebrate this sweetness, bringing you a taste of the UK right here in Toronto. With our array of imported British sweets, you can indulge in the delightful sweetness that UK treats are known for. So, why not treat yourself to a sweet escape across the pond, no travel required!

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