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Pot Noodle Chicken and Mushroom 90g

Pot Noodle Chicken and Mushroom 90g

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Indulge in the unique taste and convenience of Pot Noodle, a beloved instant noodle brand that brings the flavours of the world to your kitchen in just minutes. Whether it's a quick lunch or a late-night snack, Pot Noodle offers a variety of mouth-watering flavours, ranging from Chicken & Mushroom to Bombay Bad Boy. Each pot is filled with tasty noodles and a flavour-packed sauce that's ready to enjoy after adding hot water. Dive into the comfort of British fast food culture and discover your favourite flavour today.

  • Flavourful and Fast: Choose from a wide array of international flavours, all ready in under 4 minutes.
  • Versatile Convenience: Perfect for on-the-go meals, students, office lunches, or quick home dining.
  • A Trusted Brand: Loved across the UK and beyond, Pot Noodle has become a pantry staple for those seeking quick and satisfying noodle dishes.
  • Easily Customizable: Add your own twist with extra veggies or protein to make it your own unique meal.

Explore our collection and make Pot Noodle your go-to solution for quick and delicious meals. Shop now and bring the world to your table with just the turn of a fork!

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